My Dog Is A Hero

Now, it’s official. Big Boi is the best dog I have had the pleasure of owning. I don’t say that lightly because the Pitbull I had before him was an awesome dog. His name was Taz and he was just as fiercly loyal as Big Boi. He just didn’t have as much personality as Bg Boi. This dog just amjazes me everyday. If I leave him in the car to go in the store, when I come out he has always made new friends. There will be people standing around my car admiring him while he sitd there and smiles at them. No one pets him without permission but as soon as I tell them they can, they do. No one approaches him at all unless I say it is OK. He is such a big dog. It can’t be much fun for him to be so big. Other dog’s are scared of him, as well as people. He is such a gentle soul. I can tell he gets his feelings hurt quite often when I have to pull him away from the other dogs that are all playing at the dog park. Every once in a while I will take him to Pet Smart with me. When we go in everyone turns to look and then they all give him a wide berth. Sometimes I want to scream, “He is a good dog!” because I know that he notices, as well, that people are scared of him. If I had room I would get him a female his size so he would have someone to play with. I’m sure he gets lonely for some companionship of his own kind sometimes.

Anyway, the reason I started this was because of what he did yesterday. I was home all alone in my “office” where my computer is which happens to be in the back of the house. Big Boi likes to lay in front of the front door so he can see out. All of the sudden I heard the biggest commotion. Big Boi was snarling and growling, and even barking. I think I’ve mentioned before that he hardly ever barks. I knew something was up so I grabbed my big, heavy flashlight and off I went. Sure enough, when I got to the door he had a man by the seat of his pants and the man was crying. Mind you, he didn’t bite the man. He just had  his pants in his mouth. I’m sure, though, that the man knew he was done for. He saw me and started begging for me to call the dog off. He would do anything, he said. S I did as he ask. Then I ask what the hell he was doing in my house and he confessed that he was going to rob me but now that he had met Big Boi he would never come back to this house again and he would warn all of his friends, as well.

My dog is a hero.


About tweldon64

I am a 50 year old grandmother and animal lover. I have a Pit Bull by the name of Big Boi that I will write about quite often and a son, Casey, and a grandson, Cain. Life is good!
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