The Grey Muzzle Rescue

I just watched a video someone posted on Facebook about a guy, Thane (I didn’t catch the last name), who rescues large breed dog (a few small ones, too) that have been mistreated and/or abandoned by their owners. It was a very touching story. He has been doing this all by himself since his wife died in 2013. The rescue they founded together was named Grey muzzle Rescue. This man and his wife decided together that, no matter what, the rescue would stay open. They both signed DNR’s and had them notarized to ensure that the Rescue would stay open and the dog’s would be cared for.

It has always been my hearts desire to open a Pit Bull rescue. These are the best dogs I have ever had the privelidge to own and they are so misunderstood. Most shelters have a “no adoption” policy for them. They euthanize them, no matter the circumstances. I can’t understand this policy. Dog’s are not born mean, people make some of them mean. Maybe we should start euthanizing dog owners instead of dogs. To me, a dog is an innocent, just like a child. They only know what we teach them.

Here is a link to the video I saw


About tweldon64

I am a 50 year old grandmother and animal lover. I have a Pit Bull by the name of Big Boi that I will write about quite often and a son, Casey, and a grandson, Cain. Life is good!
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