Big Boi

Big Boi is my  125lb. American Pit Bull Terrier. He is, without a doubt, the sweetest, most fiercly loyal, smartest, and, of course, biggest Pit Bull I have ever seen. He wandered onto my property one evening in the midst of a rainstorm. I was at work when he arrived so when I drove into the driveway and he came around the side of the house to peer at me through my car window, I was, to say the least, surprised to see him. The first words out of my mouth were something like, “Where did that monster come from?” It was raining pretty hard at the time so I just fixed him up a place to sleep under a shed in the yard and went inside. It wasn’t long after that that the howling started. Not just a short, low howl,no, it was more like the loudest, saddest, and longest song of loneliness I had ever heard. Needless to say, I let him come inside to sleep.

The next day we (the dog and I) were up early and I got to take my first really good look at this dog. He was gorgeous. Someone had pampered him. He smelled good, even after being soaked from the rain, and his toenails were buffed! This dog had been loved by someone. I decided I should put some “Dog Found” posters up to see if I could locate his owners. I figured they had to be frantically looking for him as pampered as he was. So, I put posters up all around town but no calls came. Not even one. Where did these people go?

As the days went by, I came to like having him around. No one would even get out of their car in my yard when they saw him, and he hardly even barked. As I got to know him better and better, I realized how gentle he was. When you gave him a treat he took great care not to touch you with his teeth. And kids! He heard a baby cry on TV one day and he went all over the house looking for that baby. I think he wanted to make sure that the baby was OK. He just adores my grandson and every other kid he has come in contact with.

Over the next few months I became very attached to Big Boi (like the rapper). He went everywhere with me and not once did we leave the house that someone didn’t comment on how beautiful he was or how big he was. I thank God every day that no one claimed him because he has become a part of my family that I don’t want to do without.


About tweldon64

I am a 50 year old grandmother and animal lover. I have a Pit Bull by the name of Big Boi that I will write about quite often and a son, Casey, and a grandson, Cain. Life is good!
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